I was inspired by a YouTube creator named Kelly Stamps and a snippet conversation in YouTube channel, After Skool, with Kevin Hart and Joe Rogan regarding how to not waste energy and brain cells about people’s negative opinion and action.

Every day, every hour, and every minute, all of us are tested by other’s actions. Which means, it is a constant workout for the brain to remind itself to “STOP!” To halt our mind of overthinking nonsense that does not do anything for personal growth.

Two days ago, I made a mistake of turning into a plaza and not seeing a young lady in a bicycle. She had plenty of time to stop and not cross the driveway to allow me to pass through. I saw a man lifting jugs of water and stopped to look at the lady in a bicycle. I then heard her voice. She screamed profanity.

“Yeah, shut up!”

That was my most polite way of talking back. I laughed at myself realizing I had the window rolled up. After I parked my car, I knew I would brood over the incident; but I unconsciously said to myself, “I don’t know her. Don’t let this shit ruin my so far fantastic morning.” After finishing up my last errand for the day. I was surprised that my mind did not allow itself to linger the ugly incident.

It is always an uphill battle dealing with other human beings. There are a ton of motivational speech regarding staying focus on what is really important. I go to physical therapy to gain muscles on my left leg due to muscle atrophy caused by spinal bifida. Since I am on the path of improving my body, why not include a workout for my brain muscles.